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Dr. Tali Stein - Petah Tiqua

Wild Animals Hospital - Ramat Gan

The hospital is located at the Safari in Ramat Gan. It was founded in cooperation with the Garden for Zoological Research Tel Aviv, The Israel Nature and Parks Authority and The Israel Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation

Yossi Yovel's Research Lab, The Garden for Zoological Reserch - Tel Aviv

The Neuroecology lab aims to bridge the gap between Neuroscience and Ecology.

Veterinary Clinic in the Boulevard - Tel Aviv

Dr. Alon Levi

Graduated from the Veterinary Medicine Clinic in the State University of Ghent, Belgium.

Dr. Eyal Avram

Graduated from the Koret School of Veterinary Medicine in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dr. Shelly Einav, "My Veterinarian" clinic - Tel Aviv 

Graduated with honors from the Veterinary Medicine University in Košice, Slovakia, and did an integrated internship both in an emergency center and two private pet hospitals in Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Asaf Alkalay , "Asaf's Vet Clinic" - Tel Aviv

Graduated with honors from the Veterinary Medicine Faculty in Bolonia, Italy in 2004.

Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - Jerusalem

SPCA Jerusalem runs a shelter where hundreds of dogs and cats are treated. It also activates a veterinary clinic 24/7. In addition, the association trains volunteers who educate and care for the animals. 

Spay Israel - Rehovot

Spay Israel is an organization that acts for the welfare of animals and its main goal is to promote spaying and  sterilization of cats and gods, in order to prevent unnecessary suffering and death of countless animals each year.

Dr. Yael Shechter - Pardes Hanna

A graduate of the Veterinary Medicine School of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dr. Shery Aronson - Rehovot

Has a B.A in animal sciences from the Agriculture Faculty. Her Veterinary studies she began in Budapest, in the Szent István 

University, and graduated in the Agriculture Faculty in Israel.

Dr. Danny Hasson, "Vet Center" Clinic - Even Yehuda 

A graduate of the Agriculture Faculty of Rehovot and Veterinary University in Budapest.

Dr. Hilik Meron, "Vet Holim" Clinic - Abu Gosh

Dr. Yuval Samuel Medical Clinics

A graduate of the Veterinary University in Košice, Slovakia, graduated in 2000 with honors from Dean.

Kol Hai Clinic - Rehovot

The clinic provides care to all kinds of pets - From dogs and cats to animals like rodents, ferrets, birds and reptiles.

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