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Ways to Volunteer

Volunteering at the Shelter -

Each week arrive at the sanctuary more and more bats in different conditions who need our help. Due to the multiple events and the changing needs of each bat, the work never ends. We're looking for new volunteers who want to join the ATALEF family.

Volunteering is on Saturday between 5-9 PM, and is on regular bases (one-time volunteering is not possible).

The volunteering will take place at the sanctuary at Ella Valley (near Beit Shemesh). Arriving to the venue requires a vehicle

Volunteering will include - Cleaning the shelter, washing dishes, washing the cages, preparing food for the animals, heavy lifting. 

Important - During the volunteering there won't be any direct contact with the bats.

Transportation volunteers - 

Volunteering as a driver is for the volunteers who want to help our bats, but are not capable or willing, for various reasons, to make the commitment of treating a bat.

These volunteers will join an assigned WhatsApp group, where they will receive messages in real time , regarding bats that need transportation from different parts of the country. 

The volunteer will pick up the bat at the finding point and drive them to their foster house or clinic for initial treatment.

Initial treatment - 

These volunteers are the first stop that the distressed bat will arrive at after being found. 

These will volunteers will pass a training and learn from us how to give initial treatment to a bat that was found in their area. First call volunteers are available for every call 24/7.

The time period of the initial treatment is from two hours up to two nights, until the collection and transportation of the bat to the next part of the treatment.

Medical Foster Care - 

To the medical foster care arrive bats that have passed a medical exam and are now in need of treatment during their recovery process. The injuries may vary between mild injuries up to rehabilitation after surgery. 

Time period of Medical foster care will last from a few days up to 3 months. 

Rehabilitative Foster Care -


To the rehabilitative foster care arrive bats that need long intensive rehabilitation and 24/7 care. Usually it's paralyzed and neurological bats that need to adjust to their new situation and learn to find their way in the space around them and to live their life independently. 

Time period of the Rehabilitative Foster Care is a few months. It includes repetitive work such as helping the bat to urinate and prevent pressure sores.

It also includes physiotherapy and frequent visits to the veterinary clinics, plus cooperation and close work with our alternative and holistic care givers.

Rehabilitative Foster Care is for veteran volunteers who have experience in bat treatment from previous roles in ATALEF.

Foster Moms - 

The foster mom's job is to be a human substitute to a bat mom for young bat cubs until the age of 3 months. 

A bat cub up to the age of three month is at their most critical age, where the odds for survival are the lowest. In order to survive the cub has to be attached to their mother 24/7, and so the foster mom will keep the bat cub of her body in order to provide them with the heartbeat, body warmth and the nurture they need in order to develop properly.  

Among other things, the treatment includes feeding, and help with giving urine and excrement every two hours.

Usually, our foster moms are mature women who have already raised babies and children in the past, and have the knowledge of what this kind of job entails - getting up every two hours, check for gas, keep track of diarrhea etc. 


Being a foster mom is for veteran volunteers who have experience in bat treatment from previous roles in ATALEF.

Additional volunteering ways - 

Even if you don't feel compatible with one of the options above, but love bats and want to volunteer, we will always be thankful to receive help in various fields such as - Graphic design, video editing, web development, translation, Construction, renovation, gardening, or any other field you want to help with!

For more details please contact   052-2355109


Or send us a message through our Facebook page:

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